Exfoliating & Tan Routine

Hi Dolls, It was my birthday weekend at the end of January, and I decided to wear tan for the first time in a good few months. I was looking back through my blog posts and saw that I had never written a blog post, long or short, on how I apply my tan. For … Continue reading Exfoliating & Tan Routine


Review: Ted Baker Body Scrub

Hi Dolls, It is officially Spring time starting today. Fingers crossed the weather will get a bit better over the next few weeks, unlike some of the rainy days we had throughout January. Anyhoo, on to the blog review. I got this Ted Baker Body Scrub as a Christmas present. I had seen the tub around, … Continue reading Review: Ted Baker Body Scrub

Review: Inglot Foundation

Hi Dolls, I was out around the city centre a few weeks ago and I passed by Inglot who where handing out free samples of their foundations. I would normally always ask for a  sample of makeup or skincare products before I purchase the product, so I know if the product suits my skin tone … Continue reading Review: Inglot Foundation

* 50 Shades of Red

Hi Dolls, NYX Professional Makeup have some lip inspiration products for this up and coming Valentine's Day. Whether you want your lips to be red or a burgundy look, NYX have all the red lip colours you could want and also in different product types from lip pencils to lip glosses. Here are some of the … Continue reading * 50 Shades of Red

Review: Nutrafix

Hi Dolls, I decided to have a saunter around as I had free time on my hands (for once). I was wandering down the beauty isle and I saw lots of these different coloured shampoo bottles, but they looked similar to a brand of shampoo which I saw in boots pharmacy. I thought, they surely … Continue reading Review: Nutrafix

Favourite Buys (or presents) this Winter

Hi Dolls, I know it is nearing the end of January now (thank God say a lot of you), which is why I wanted to pick out some of my favourite items I got this Winter, whether it was as a present or I bought it because I wanted it for an occasion or just … Continue reading Favourite Buys (or presents) this Winter

Review: Clairol Nice n’ Easy Root Touch Up

Hi Dolls, As most of you know, I dyed my hair blonde in October 2017. In December, I wrote a review on the L'Oreal Magic Retouch spray. I had seen this on the t.v and thought it looked quite good and super handy for touching your roots up when you are in a rush or … Continue reading Review: Clairol Nice n’ Easy Root Touch Up

Berry, Amber & Urban

Hi Guys, I bought these eye palettes in Penneys about a week ago and could not wait to try them out. All of the colours looked fab. The three palettes that came out are called Berry, Urban and Amber. Berry Palette This is quite a late Winter or Spring time eye palette. It has two … Continue reading Berry, Amber & Urban

Beauty Bedtime Routine

Hi Dolls, I decided to write about my bedtime skin routine because a lot of people I have met in person without makeup on, have said that my skin is in really good condition and looks quite smooth. For the past year, this is due to 3 products I love. 1. Garnier: Micellar cleansing lotion  … Continue reading Beauty Bedtime Routine

*The best kind of January Blues!

Hi Dolls, Since a lot of us are very poor after spending so much over Christmas, NYX, which is a brand I really like using, have sent me an email about the new 2018 products which are very affordable if you are looking to spend a bit on yourself at the end of the month. … Continue reading *The best kind of January Blues!